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Whether you need a dazzling website that shines on search engines or customised content that puts you at the apex, we offer every service you can expect from a top-tier agency.


With our latest technology and experts, we can help boost your business with our customised SEO campaigns.

Pay Per Click

We will turn your traffic into revenue by managing your PPC campaigns. Our team delivers high ROI via in-depth monitoring, testing and better targeting of keywords.

Social Media Marketing

By tracking, testing and tweaking, we transform your brand and amplify your message with social media marketing & advertising.

Email Marketing

We take care that your emails do not bounce or your masterpieces get stuck in spam. We optimise your content to engage your customers.

Franchise Marketing

We help franchise businesses boom by maximizing online lead generation. Our experts provide comprehensive internet marketing services for franchisees and franchisors.

Reputation Management

We properly protect your online reputation by creating harmony, counteracting deceptive trends and allowing you to put your best way forward.

Reporting & Analytics

We transform your decision-making with a trusted data foundation and provide suitable reporting and analytics whenever and wherever needed.

Web Designing

We ensure that your first impression becomes a life-term conversion by creating search engine friendly web designs for the target audience.


Our experts mix the science of SEO with traffic flow analysis and testing to maximize the effectiveness of your website.


We have carved a niche as an elite company with our skills and strategies to help build a brand brick by brick. With our focussed approach, we sense a good digital opportunity which helps our clients in solving their complex business related issues.



Our team is the heart of our business. They work tirelessly to create the right brand for the right individual.



With over 15+ years of experience, we have worked with clients across verticals like process manufacturing, education & technology



Our clients are our business. With them, we create bespoke solutions to deliver relevant impact for their brand.

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Our Approach & Process

With the increasing penetration of the internet, the marketing landscape is also rapidly evolving. Each day, there are new tactics, technologies or opportunities you can employ. But, one thing that remains constant: The best way to achieve your targets and grow your business is by taking a stepwise approach.

At Profile Inc, we use a four-phase approach; we connect the dots between your brand and your consumers. This allows us to identify the best path to complete your task and the tactics, strategies to help you become a strong player in the market.


Our riveting exploration phase helps us to uncover who you are, who your target customers are and what your customers think you are. These insights can highlight opportunities previously unseen. By developing an in-depth understanding of your organisation, we can generate insights that drive your strategy.


Strategy is the backbone required for any business to flourish. In order to succeed; one needs a plan, a clear path to execute towards the goals. A well planned strategy can act like a fleshed-out blueprint to success, including the execution and good approach.


After a strategy is defined, the execution phase begins. At Profile Inc, we create and use multiple tactics and activities that were mapped out in previous phases. Keeping your goals in mind, we focus our efforts to execute content and make suitable campaigns that deliver the highest ROI and boost your business’ bottom line.


In the digital domain, nothing is ever truly done –one can measure, optimise and measure again to improve performance. Our team of experts will work with you to maximise your business outcomes based on your set goals and strategies. With ongoing relationships, optimization also includes support and maintenance in order to sustain and grow your online presence.


  • How Much Should a Business Spend on Digital Marketing?

    A shift of about 35% has been seen in businesses who prefer to use online marketing compared to traditional methods meaning more assets, time and money are being utilized on digital marketing.

    Especially for the B2C, business to customers type of business, online and social media marketing play a huge role in hosting sales, traffic and generating revenue.

    Statistics have shown that 80% of businesses spend $50,000 a year on digital marketing with others going an extreme often times greater that amount to $500,000.

  • Why is digital advertising spending up?

    As we embrace the Internet in our daily lives, digital media is trending globally. Plus, digital advertising spending is benefitting from the ability to track and monitor outcomes and measure customer response and campaign success in real time. Further, these platforms offer users the interactivity they now increasingly expect.
    Consider these proof points. Every minute:
    - An estimated 650,000 search queries are made on Google
    - More than 700 videos are hosted on YouTube
    - Over 700,000 status updates and 500,000 comments are posted on Facebook
    - Over 65,000 tweets are made worldwide
    - Approximately 180 million emails are sent.

  • How Much do Digital Marketing Consultants charge?

    Consulting agencies can charge on hourly rates at an average of $100 to even $400 an hour and if you are consulting for a full day, it can be as high as $3500 a day. One factor to note is that this price can be for a localized consulting agency. A bigger more established firm can charge even triple that price. This is because they work on a value basis, what you pay for is what you will get.
    On a study done to determine the rates of consultation, the results were seen to be:
    - The average hourly rate for digital marketing consultants worldwide is $140.29 per hour.
    - The average hourly rate for US-only digital marketing consultants is $161.57.
    - 41.25% of worldwide consultants charge less than $100 per hour
    - 27.28% of US consultants charge less than $100 per hour;

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