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Tips and Tricks to use social media to boost content marketing strategy

Nov 11. 2020 | by Deepti Jain | 2 Comments

There are a handful of moments in the day that make any mundane moment great. One is when we first take a sip of hot coffee. Another, is when the last piece of work is handed in. But, the best ones are when we get those spare few minutes to check through our social media handles.

Everyperson, irrespective of age now loves watching a video on facebook or Twitter. People these days now prefer going through controversial or funny videos on Twitter or Instagram. A couple of them also get inspired by a fabulous image of a chocolate cake on whatsapp. One should not forget about YouTube! You can ask something like, "what are some interesting facts about dogs?", and you will soon know the pros and cons of this nifty piece just by watching a short video clip.

By now you all must have realized that social media in the present scenario is the most powerful tool for promoting a brand or boosting content? The data from social media could be used to build a top-notch marketing strategy. It can also turn a start-up into a household name.

But, this is not just only about posting a couple of things and crossing your fingers. In order to increase the reach of your brand among masses, you will need to devise a well-thought out social media content strategy. So, help you, we have compiled a set of advice to help you on your way.

Set Goals

A basic plan of action for any business strategy is to set goals. First, you need to acknowledge that each strategy will be different from each other. So, there will be a dire need to set your own social media marketing strategy and goals. It may look convenient to copy someone else's business model, but it simply won't work.

Because say, for instance, you run a uranium free beauty care products. Maybe someone like you decided to expand the reach of the brand on Facebook by focusing on people who are environmentalists or love to conserve the environment. Thus by positioning your product with the correct strategy in front of the right group would help your brand to grow.

A major part of setting targets is that it can help you assess what your values are. When planning to set up a brand, values and ethics often goes for a toss. So, this is one of the ways to return back to your roots and look at why you set up the business in the first place.

And on all social media platforms, values tend to be very well valued by the users.

Analyze Content

It is also imperative to collect and examine quantitative data. This is the easiest way of seeing which kind of content or posts are working well on which platform. And which are not.

Using social media management platforms allows to look at specifics from the back end. It helps you view things as a whole as well as looking at particular sites and content. One should not forget that scores of people working remotely amid pandemic and this will make a huge difference to statistics.

LinkedIn Business, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest allows the user to analyze from the back end. This is a great chance to check that your results are matching up with your set goals.

Develop Your Brand’s Tone Of Voice

It is a known fact that good marketing strategy is required to boost content in order to analyze your audience to develop your means of communicating with them. It is advisable to first analyze which of the social media platforms works best for you and then try to find out what tone will suit your brand of voice. On a closer look, addressing situations and posting content is also a way to develop a brand voice.

Use a content calendar or sharing platform

Moreover, it is imperative to use a dedicated platform to share your work. Just upload the content to the site and it will automatically share it with your targeted audience at the right time. There are ample YouTube videos that discuss the best time to share content on which platform.

The way you display the content will make a huge difference to who will engage with it, too.

Do what you can to reflect on your brand voice, but make sure it is shareable and engaging. You may want to make a dramatic statement or a funny question when you post it.But you do not have to worry about growing your business online. Profile Inc is the one of the most leading Digital Marketing companies in the US and India. From redesigning websites to SEO, SMM, PPC, content marketing, app designing or any digital marketing strategies, Profile Inc is always there to assist you to grow your business on digital domain.

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