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Tips to respond to negative feedback on your product or service online

Nov 11. 2020 | by Deepti Jain | 2 Comments

While there are scores of advantages, taking the business online, could have its own set of positives as well. One of the important things where the focus is utmost required is the feedback that comes from your consumers, whether negative or positive.

While positive comments will boost your motivation and will fill you up with ecstasy to work towards increasing the reach of your brand and offer services to match the standard of customers. However, on the other side, negative feedback on your service or your product might sting like a tight slap on the face.

So, we have compiled some useful tips for you to deal with negative comments on your brand.

Don’t Lose Your Calm

The harsh reality in the world of business is that you cannot please each and every person. There would be consumers who would be on cloud nine after taking buying your product or your service but a handful of them would be despising your entire methodology just because they had unsatisfactory experience, or they thought they had one.

Irrespective of their (may be) untrue or negative comments, your mantra should be to not lose the calmness at the sight of it. Always keep in mind that each word of your response is going to be in the public eye and could not be taken back. Hence, make sure that whatever you are posting is decent and displays that your company genuinely cares for their customers.

Also, you can make use of a couple of sarcastic words while posting your review in order to ignite the game on your side.

Moreover, if at all you are good at humorous writing, use it as a tool to get the advantage. Replying with authentic humor is one of the best ways to defuse a serious problem. In the same manner how a smile relieves tensions during face to face encounters. It is a known fact that tasteful humor can turn a worse situation into a great one.

Don’t Be Too Generic

No one likes the generic and politically correct response coming out of a business brand, primarily when the target audience are the youngsters. In the present scenario, youths have taken over the majority of the online sales and the internet. Thus, there is no way one cannot count upon them

Keep in mind that a generic and straightforward statement simply shows how frustrated you already are. You have to be in direct touch with your customer. So, make the response customized and address their concerns rather than copy pasting the statement to each and every person.

It is worth noticing that a copy-paste reply to a query can easily infuriate your commenter as segregating the statement is not a task which is tough.Also, if possible try to add a bit of savagery and your commenter would be impressed within minutes.

Look for Hopeless Communications

Whether you are sharing the content or just selling the product online, there are several kinds of people you are meant to meet. Right from the customers who like creating a ruckus through emotional comments to the ones who get offended on every single minute, there are possibilities that you may encounter with people who continuously troll your brand and use unparliamentary language to ridicule it in every manner.

The chances are very minimal when you can argue and win in front of any of these kinds of people. Remember, one should not be collecting pebbles, try to figure out whether the consumer is worth responding or not.

If not, it is always better either hide or delete that particular comment from your social media platforms. Also, always strive for writing ideal answers or giving witty responses which would just shut those critics but would also tickle the funny bones of the rest of your consumers.

Consider the Intent of the Message

There will be a number of times when you might stumble upon an unclear response. Or, the possibility is that the real problem might not always be crystal clear. When you encounter such a situation, the best approach should be to understand the intention behind the feedback.

Always try to figure out the consumer's emotions through their words. Is the statement hostile? Was the person confused? Does the review found annoying? or whether the feedback is hilarious. Once you have successfully managed to figure out the way the message was created, craft an adequate response.

Take It Offline

Well, handing the issue off the social media platforms is the best resort. One must always try to resolve the hassle online only in order to show empathy to other customers as well. However if you are not able to get the commenter to move on, it is advisable to call or reach out to offer a better solution.

However, one thing that should always be remembered that all the efforts would not be worthwhile if the consumers are not important to your or your brand. Otherwise, it will be of no use. Learn to pacify the complainant as much as you can.

At the end of the closure of the case, always request your customer to remove the negative feedback he has given or alter it as per the given response.


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