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Some Podcast Tools Used By Successful Influencers

Nov 11. 2020 | by Deepti Jain | 2 Comments

In the world of the internet, podcasting is coming out as a unique branding and audience building tool used by the leaders in scores of industries. In an attempt to make it successful there is a dire need to have the right resource in place. These will allow you to attract an ample number of listeners and viewers who will spread the word about your service or your product.

Would you like to grow your online traffic and connect with other social media influencers? Take advantage of these podcast tools, and let us know how they work for you!

PodOmatic- Easy, simple podcasting

Tap into thousands of free podcasts from across the globe without the need to download the software. PondOmatic is used by marketers and entrepreneurs, and makes creating a podcast hassle free to share on social media platforms and your webportal.

Basically, the online software works with Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Deezer and includes powerful statistics and promotion to your social media accounts.

HD quality video – Microsoft Skype

Apart from using Microsoft Skype for your business meetings and office communication, it is also advisable for you to try it for your next podcast. The live chat video is of high quality and simple to use - a person who has installed the software can participate. This will make it easy for you to interact with your online audience, make calls and send files and share your screen and much more.

Simple Podcast Press- Grow an audience

Gain more downloads and build your email list with this smart plugin for WordPress. Simple Podcast Press automatically publishes your podcasts directly to your website, and includes a call-to-action option that will increase your signups.The software is easy to install and set-up. You just need to enter the iTunes URL and you are ready to go. The player is mobile friendly and includes your description and branded photographs.

Fusebox- Convert website visitors into podcast subscribers

If you need to capture more subscribers for your podcasts? Then you will fall in love with Fusebox, which makes interacting with your customers or your audience simple from your digital portal. It is suggestible to maintain your list with an interested audience while establishing trust through interesting and engaging podcasts.


Do you want to include music in your podcast? If yes, then Soundcloud is a great hosting option. It is worth noticing that this service is mainly for music, spoken-word podcasts are welcome here too. Unlike the other hosting types, Soundcloud requires listeners to have an account to download material. People would also be required to search for your content in order to find it, indicating that you need to create awareness elsewhere. Soundcloud also allows creators to distribute content on other distribution channels such as YouTube and Facebook.

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